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Signet Rings

Represent your family with a hand engraved crest seal, Give the gift of a personalised initials, or mark a birthday with a star set birthstone or zodiac sign. The signet ring was truly made to be customised to fit your unique personal style.  

Get in touch with your artwork or crest for a quote.

This completely customisable alcohol inspired ring was designed in support of the charity, The Drinks Trust, Providing support, care and assistance to the drinks industry workforce since 1886. 

The sideways placement of the pear shape stone on the hand mimics a droplet falling from the glass whilst the wearer is holding their drink. 

The signet ring is traditionally used to depict a family crest or coat of arms. By purchasing your custom Elixir signet ring, 10% of the profits will be donated to The Drinks Trust and used to support a huge family of hard working individuals within the drinks industry. An industry that has recently been greatly impacted by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

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