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All of our engagement rings and wedding bands are packaged in our pink velvet, ribbon tied, monogrammed boxes. They're pocket sized and perfect for proposals.

Earrings, bracelets and necklaces are packaged in our pink cardboard monogrammed draw boxes with satin ribbon.

Each box comes in its own cotton draw string dust cover bag and placed in a matching pink gift bag, topped off with a beautiful satin bow. 

All orders come pre wrapped ready for gifting and look great on dressing tables. 


Shipping Boxes

We try our best not to ruin any surprises when receiving our packages through the post, 

so although our shipping boxes are pink, they are completely unbranded with a discrete return address label.

However, please do get in contact if you'd like an "extra incognito" brown cardboard box delivery. 

All shipping packaging is as eco friendly where possible whilst still providing adequate protection to the items shipped. We use only recyclable cardboard boxes and non toxic tissue paper for our shipped items.


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