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Martini - Lab Diamond

Martini - Lab Diamond

This 9ct gold signet ring features a 7x5mm bright sparkling D-F colour VS clarity Lab grown diamond to reprisent the sophisticated clear and crisp flavours of a martini. 

It is avaliable in solid yellow gold, rose gold and white gold or matt black rohdium plated white gold. 

 The sideways placement of the pear shape shape stone on the hand mimics a droplet falling from the glass whilst the wearer is holding a drink.

Chose between an aray of your favourite tipple coloured stones. Like a different colour? contact us to have a bespoke Elixer ring made with any stone you like.

These rings can be warn on any finger. Choose the size you'd prefer and mix and match with our beautiful stacking rings.


  • About the Drinks Trust

    This collection was designed in support of the charity, The Drinks Trust, Providing support, care and assistance to the drinks industry workforce since 1886. 

    The signet ring is traditionally used to depict the family crest of the wearer. By purchasing your custom Elixir signet ring, 10% of the profits of each ring sold will be donated to The Drinks Trust, and used to support a huge family of hard working individuals within the drinks industry. An industry that has recently been greatly impacted by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

  • The Concept

    The sideways placement of the pear shape shape stone on the hand mimics a droplet falling from the glass whilst the wearer is holding a drink.

  • Dimensions

    Centre stone size: 7x5mm

    Ring Face: 9x7mm

    Band width at back: 3mm

    Gold weight Aproximatly: 4g

  • Lead Time

    The lead times for our collection of made to order items are around 14 working days before shipment, however this can vary slightly based on how each piece is made. Feel free to message us if you'd like an item in time for a specific date and we can try our best to accommodate.

PriceFrom £2,496.00
Sales Tax Included
9ct Gold Colour
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